taidepuhe 2020


Processing these existing images came closer to painting than the genre of photography. The flesh-like reddish tones of the copper offer a contrast to the sacred aura evoked by the gold of his earlier pieces. She portrays cherubs and feminine sprites in the starring role, as active agents. His works are sparse and understated, yet rich in subtle combinations of materials and overlaid paint layers. Sometimes to draw a more intricate map of the known land, and at other times, to discover their own new realm. Itse olen kalpea ja ruma. Ennen liikenneympyrää poimi mukaasi kivi. Sen avulla pelkistettiin maiseman muotoja ja värejä. Nykyihmisistä taas jää jälkipolville liikaakin, muutakin kuin ruukunsirpaleita.

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