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Recently I have been active in the artist duo Joki_Pathirane.

Saints for the 21st Century: a Supplement (2020)

This one is in English! Abundantia, New series & open call for contributions. The first number is Saints for the 21st Century: a Supplement by Joki_Pathirane

Mmmurica (2020)

Our book Mmmurica, based on our trip to the Rust Belt of USA, came out in the spring 2020 (Käsite Publishing). Mainly Finnish.

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Henrik Pathirane’s booklets:

Minuutti (2019).

A minute. Five meters of minutes between covers. The back cover reads ”Helsinki-based poet Henrik Pathirane tried to participate in something shared and find a minute from himself.”

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Taudinkuva ja muuta pientä (2019). Minimalist poetry written in 2016-2017.

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Stuff published only here:

taidepuhe 2020. Cutup poetry from art exhibition press releases.

Havainnollisia runokokeita. Three series of experimental poetry based on perception. Asetelmia, or Still lifes, paint aural Still lifes inspired by synthetic cubism. Cuatro Piezas Españolas are auditory landscapes from Spain. Amsterdam is perception-based procedure poetry with high degrees of freedom.

Mazzanon ravauksia j p continues the experiments started in the Amsterdam series.

Elsewhere: Henrik Pathirane

Blogs:  Tekeillä ymmärtäjän ”ehkä”  (a murder mystery that has something to do with the Oriental Express) |  kylmiä huuruja (or, how meanings are constituted contextually, or, in search of poetry)

Digital text-based art, HÖYRY-collective: Vallan kielet (A series of thirteen poems based on topic modeling, applied to documents from working period of 2015-2017 of the Finnish parliament) | Perfomanssikalenteri  (one performance script per day, Fluxus-inspired) |  Aleatorinen kokemisopas (random instructions for walking in a city)

Kinetic poetry and music created in co-operation with Redder: Oleminen|Being

Visual and conceptual poetry (partly in English):